Gezettelt im Bergmannkiez


Recht hat der oder die Bestohlene…

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Eine Antwort zu Gezettelt im Bergmannkiez

  1. notmsparker schreibt:

    Hat dies auf KREUZBERG´D rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Die Bergmannstrasse, having an eye for good fonts and interesting analogue posts in their street has just published the following gem: it is a message from someone whose bike is in entirely different hands now. And it did not happen voluntarily.
    Here´s a quick translation of the text – and although it ain´t a love letter and makes no secret of the writer´s sentiment, it is truly classy:-)
    „Dear Bicycle Thief
    Only bloody scoundrels steal other people´s bikes. That´s something you just don´t do so I hope you feel lousy about yourself and get itchy rash all over your body.
    I liked my bike a lot so if I should see you on it somewhere one day, you can count on a bit of action.

    Otherwise, I hope you treat it well and that your conscience keeps bugging you every single day for doing something like this to another person. Here´s the bike-lock key – have fun with it!“

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